About DW Contracting

DW Contracting’s range of machinery covers all areas of civil construction. Whether it be to clear and grub, topsoil, trim batters, spread and mix general fill we have the ability work safely in steep and tight situations. Combining this with GPS guidance means it is all achieved to design level the first time.

DW Contracting can supply all the necessary equipment that you require for your job site. We will provide you with reliable, well maintained equipment that delivers the performance you expect.

All machinery is mine compliant, no delays and no time lost

We offer Trimble GPS and support the growing tread of machine guidance, for more info on this check out Machine Guidance.

Let the problems of equipment become ours instead of yours, leaving you with peace of mind to concentrate on running your job site.

DWC offers solutions for the earthmoving industry

  • Competitive hourly rates
  • One machine or a fleet
  • With or without – operators, ground engaging tooling, transport or service costs

The company has undertaken many projects over recent years. As a result, DW Contracting has developed a solid reputation for reliability and productivity.

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